bigPumaLinks: Easter edition


If you’re not following the baseball yatra (yatra: n. [Hindi] journey; travel) of Rinku and Dinesh as they train as pitchers in the Pirates system, you’re missing two kids learning baseball from the ground up, in a most unusual manner. The Million Dollar Arm Blog

Eric Nusbaum wrote an essay on baseball and literature at The Baseball Chronicle, and he’s got a new (I think) blog, Pitchers & Poets, that asks some interesting questions.

There’s a movement online that I was until recently completely oblivious to: customized, original, decentralized baseball card production. A great place to start is at Goose Joak, which will enable you to fan out to the vast networks of Photoshop wizards putting these very nice-looking cards together. Aside: don’t miss the Lebowski cards, here, here, here, &tc. In fact, it’s such a fun idea, I did one myself:

The first Waiting For Berkman baseball card

The first Waiting For Berkman baseball card

Man alive, what is this? Hand Spits Burks on the Humbug Journal


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