bigPumaLinks, March 13 edition


PS#’s MLB 09: The Show is drawing rave reviews from critics and crowdsources. GameSpot

Negative World Baseball Classic columns continue to bash stupid positivity, hoping, I guess, to tip the scales.

Jason Kottke asks: “do athletes see themselves as two different entities?”

Via Joe Posnanski, the MLB Network sums up the PECOTA prediction system, ends up talking too much. YouTube

Hanshin Tigers cite curse of handless, muck-covered Colonel Sanders. Mainichi Daily News

“Yankees’ backup 3rd baseman woken up”. The Onion

Writer goes to umpire school, meditates on the strike zone and its airyness. via ShysterBall



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3 responses to “bigPumaLinks, March 13 edition

  1. David

    MLB 09: The Show is a great game but needs a lot of improvement in the online gameplay.

    MLB Network will be great once the season starts and they stop showing 30 Clubs in 30 days.

    Link to my video of Lance Berkman hating on Reggie Abercrombie.

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